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Definition of a Hobo ~

A Hobo (unlike a bum or a tramp) is more than willing to work – usually for short durations at a time – because the main objective is travel. He has an inherent love for adventure, traveling from place to place, finding work where available but only for the sake of financing the next journey.

Featured Posts

  • Esplande Beach, Nassau, New Providence

Nassau: My First Soul-o International Trip

Earlier in 2015, I set off to Tour The Americas but shortly after the tour started it took a little de-tour. I have a lot of catching up to do on the blog after a [...]

The Flight Attendant Life

They say 40 is the new 20. Well, I’m adjusting to my recent empty nest by picking up where I left off, pre-mom, except (hopefully) a much wiser woman. Every year seems to have its [...]

  • Worth The Wait

Chrysalis: Worth The Wait

Did you miss me? Boy, it feels great to be back on this blog and writing again. The Hobo blog and e-newsletters have been quiet over the past few weeks. With any luck, that will [...]

  • Liebster Award Hobo In High Heels

Liebster Award – Hobo Roast and Nominations

Only a few short months ago, I used to think my life would be boring and uneventful with the kids gone from the nest. It's been anything but. Life actually seems busier now than when I was [...]

  • Extreme Eateries Vegas

Four Extremalicious Eateries in Las Vegas

During my quest to find good eateries off the Strip, it became apparent that there is either a trending gimmick among restaurants that I'm just learning about or that spanking patrons is something specific to [...]

  • Vegas: Dirty Deeds Off the Strip

Vegas: Dirty Deeds Off the Strip

Based on 2014 stats, if I took a world-wide survey and asked how many people traveled to Las Vegas last year alone, 1 out of every 100 would raise their hand. Vegas is a famous [...]

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